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Telephony Systems

Telephony Systems


In Business

With today’s economy and demanding public needs, businesses are under pressure to perform every day at their highest levels to win and retain their customers. To meet these pressures, employees need better tools for increased productivity.

In Education

To keep admin staff and teachers connected and collaborate for increased productivity, schools need to be equipped with enterprise telephone systems.


Our entry level phone system is the ideal solution for small business telephone requirement. If you are looking for up to 35 extensions, with good value for money, easy to use, lean and green and mobile integrated, then these systems are a clear choice. It is based on intuitive handsets with time-saving features, helping you to work faster by using Analogue, ISDN2 or SIP lines.

We provide the latest business phone systems on the market, ideal for all small and medium sized businesses whether you work from a single office, or operate through multi-site offices employing multiple home-based and mobile employees. We can install a new, or update your existing business telephone system which provides you with so many easy-to-use features, ensuring that a missed call will never turn into a missed sales opportunity.

Cloud Voice is our sophisticated business PBX system, hosted in the cloud without the need for installation and maintenance of a phone system in premises. We can connect your home, warehouse, office and mobiles at minimum cost, with this fast and secure network. With our Cloud Voice system you get all the functionality of a traditional telephone system, but with the flexibility to make changes to adapt to your needs at any time.


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